• GoPro Hero3 + Squid Arm Bust Thru Cali Coast

    Do you remember all the new adventures you had planned when you purchased that brand spankin’ new GoPro Hero3 Black Edition? Neither do I, but it’s time to grab your GoPro off that dusty shelf. Check out this 90-second teaser for the next Photogear episode: The “Squid Arm”.

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  • Kenny & Carmen’s Wedding Featurette

    If you drove thru Alameda recently and saw pink and green balloons flutter about the sky, it meant that Kenny and Carmen were getting married near by! The fun-loving couple was eager and open to try something different for their wedding video and as a result, we captured some unique and quirky memories. A big thanks to the families and friends that participated in the video and of course the videography team: Willis Lai and Chrissie Ng.

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  • Photogear: Apple’s Interchangeable Lens Camera? The Ollopclip for iPhone 5

    Never stop expanding your creativity capacity. That’s what the folks at Olloclip did with the iPhone 5. They took a great camera and made it even better by creating a fun and portable lens kit. I gave the Olloclip a run for its money (a how-not-to properly use it) plus Patrick O’Neil, the creator of Olloclip, talks about accessories we can expect in the future.

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  • Eye on OAK: Paella Cookout featuring Chef Lamont

    In the patio of Caña, a bustling Cuban bistro out in Oakland, Chef Lamont goes head-to-head with the house chef in a paella cookout as they hand out morsels of paella scooped right from the sizzling hot paellera (paella pan). Unsuspecting pedestrians turn into spectators as their five senses are enraptured in the cooking exhibition…

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  • Kimeo “Heartbeat” Music Video

    It was a real treat to see this video screened at the Taglyan Complex on the night of Kim and Leo’s wedding. Both stars were great sports throughout the process and I wish them all the best as they embark on their new journey together!

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  • For Closure [Trailer]

    During the first night in their new home, a young couple experiences a series of eerie and horrifying phenomenon that prevents them from sleeping soundly. The local authorities can’t explain the events that came to pass, but speculate that they may have something to do with murder of the previous owners…

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  • Design Elements for Elemental Improv

    Design Elements for Elemental Improv

    Dwayne, creator of Elemental Improv, approached me to design some graphics to promote his weekly workshop series, which can be described as playful, high-energy and a way of cutting loose from the monotony of the workweek. Phase 1: We started the project by taking some “photo booth” portraits. Phase 2: Dwayne has an uncanny ability to get into characters, so I sketched some bizarre scenes to convey the playfulness of his workshops. I’m burning the midnight oil, applying the final […]

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  • Eye on LA: The Twisting Artwork of Daisuke Okamoto

    Eye on LA: The Twisting Artwork of Daisuke Okamoto

    One can lose their way when trying to find the words to describe the art of Daisuke Okamoto, but one way or another, his work will leave you awestruck. His intricate and what seems to be perpetually expanding drawings will keep your eyes traveling across the frame and the his subjects seem to morph and twist as if reaching out of the canvas…

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  • Photogear: NEC PA231W LCD Display + Color Management

    OK, it’s not as exciting as a DSLR, but this isn’t just any ol computer monitor… it’s a color-precise instrument, much like the lenses that you put on that SLR! Looking back at it’s technical marvel, the growth in usage of DSLR’s in the last five years has been phenomenal and there’s been an explosion of vibrantly colored images using shallow DOF all over the net…

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