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  • Kenny & Carmen’s Wedding Featurette

    Kenny & Carmen’s Wedding Featurette

    If you drove thru Alameda recently and saw pink and green balloons flutter about the sky, it meant that Kenny and Carmen were getting married near by! The fun-loving couple was eager and open to try something different for their wedding video and as a result, we captured some unique […]

  • Kimeo “Heartbeat” Music Video

    Kimeo “Heartbeat” Music Video

    It was a real treat to see this video screened at the Taglyan Complex on the night of Kim and Leo’s wedding. Both stars were great sports throughout the process and I wish them all the best as they embark on their new journey together!

  • For Closure [Trailer]

    For Closure [Trailer]

    During the first night in their new home, a young couple experiences a series of eerie and horrifying phenomenon that prevents them from sleeping soundly. The local authorities can’t explain the events that came to pass, but speculate that they may have something to do with murder of the previous […]