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  • Horror Poster Art “For Closure”

    Horror Poster Art “For Closure”

    The production of this film was your typical low-budget variation: a tight ship with little wiggle room for breaks. In the hustle and bustle of things, I completely forgot to take photos for poster art! That consequently limits the usage down to screen captures, but limitations inspire creativity! Boring is always a choice.

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  • Nonchalant Ignition

    Nonchalant Ignition

    My brother and I created “NONCHALANT GARAGE”, a YouTube channel dedicated to his journey as an amateur cyclist. Since he upgraded from a Category 4 cyclist to a Cat 3, he’s been motivated to share his lifestyle, nutrition and training with the world. With his nonchalant approach to life, he […]

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  • Machine Learning Pilot Program at Stanford University

    Machine Learning Pilot Program at Stanford University

    Stanford University is making a very bold move by offering free classes online world wide, one of which is a Machine Learning class that, according to Professor Andrew Ng, no other school has yet offered FOR FREE. Keep shining Stanford. Sign up for the FREE Stanford online class at:

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