Photogear Review

“High Quality Video Reviews for Camera Products”. That pretty much sums up the pilot project I’m working on. The idea started when I was hunting for a high-end carbon fiber tripod, a big ticket-item that retailers rarely carry in stores. At the time, I was in utter disbelief to find that that the only product information available was a tiny thumbnail image on the manufacturer’s website. The specs gave me an abstract idea of the product, but it was difficult to understand the feel, the robustness of construction and the ingenuity of design of the products. Well, after days of toiling and researching products, I bought the tripod and decided not to keep quiet about it. Just think how much easier it would be to shop for stuff if there were informative, unbiased, no-nonsense video reviews for everything we buy!

I believe that crowdsourcing consumption will lead to a better retail experience and better products for the consumer. Hopefully, these videos will help in that aspect.